Frequently Asked Questions

+ Account, Profile

− Account, Profile

How to change my Account Information? How to get profiles from last year? How to add more persons to the account? How to downgrade/upgrade someone in the account? How to remove a profile from account? How to remove my data from your system? How to split Linked Returns? How to join 2 persons as coupled? Do I need to enter spouse information? Cannot change marital status to single? Why am I not allowed to add more profile to the account?

+ Using the Software

− Using the Software

Where do I find the schedules/forms? How to get data from CRA? How to prepare a return for a deceased? How to prepare a return for an immigrant? Can I change my Direct Deposit info using NETFILE? I Got an Error Messages asking me to fill form T691 Do I need to pay for using TaxChopper?

+ Income

− Income

How to enter self-employment / rental income? How to report rental income? How to report business income? How to enter foreign employment income? How to report other income from foreign source? How to report capital gains? How to enter other interest income? How to split pension income? How to enter T4A Box105 ? Where to enter T5018 slip? Why you need to pay extra attention to T5008 slips? How to declare foreign interests/dividends income?

+ Deductions

− Deductions

Where to enter my professional dues? How to enter Employment Expenses? How to claim Childcare Expenses? Childcare Expenses or Fitness Amount? What If I missed RRSP Minimum Repayment? Can I claim less than my RRSP contribution? I did not report my RRSP contribution last year. How to enter RRSP transferred from retiring allowances? Can I deduct the fees I paid to prepare my tax returns? How to Apply Capital Loss Carryback? How to claim Carrying Charges?

+ Tax Credit

− Tax Credit

How to claim Donations? How to claim infirm/disability related credit? Can I claim medical expenses from other years? Where to enter my tuition/T2202A ? How to claim my Student Loan Interests? How do I transfer/carry forward tuition amount? How to claim Working Income Tax Benefit(WITB)? How to claim Foreign Non-business Tax Credit? Do I need to apply for GST/HST credit?

+ Filing Return

− Filing Return

How to file my return to the CRA? How to file a PAPER return? How to confirm my return has been filed? How to print a copy of my return? Why am I asked to file T1135 separately?

+ After Filing

− After Filing

I found a mistake after filing my return to CRA I found my address not accurate with my filed return How to get my Express Notice of Assessment? If one spouse owe CRA and other spouse has a refund, do we just pay/get the difference? How to make a payment to CRA?